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Physio in the comfort of your own home
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about us.

Private and affordable home Physiotherapy, specialising in post stroke rehabilitation as well as promoting mobility and independence following a fall, neurological condition or hospital stay. Message to find out more!

Our focus.

Helping you achieve whats most important to you.
Pain reduction

Specific assessment and treatment to reduce various causes of muscular and neurological pain

Increasing independence

With functional task practice in your own home environment


Targeting specific muscles to increase ability to complete those activities most important to you

Maximising quality of life

Through personalised Physiotherapy that really listens to you

What we do

At Essex Home Physio we provide a high quality physiotherapy service in the comfort of your own home.  On your first visit we will complete a thorough assessment including listening to what you are having difficulty with and what you would like to get out of your Physiotherapy sessions. Followed by a hands on assessment of the problem areas for us to then decipher the best treatment plan to assist you back to what is most important to you.

The Team.

Emma Lloyd

Starting out in the NHS 11 years ago, before turning to private specialist rehabilitation, Emma has a developed a wealth of experience assessing and developing treatment plans to implement following neurological condition, operation, fall/injury and hospital stay. Emma has helped many people to achieve their personal goals in mobility, function and independence. Passionate about maintaining a client centred approach, means your goals are at the centre of your treatment sessions. Emma specialises in neurological conditions and post-stroke rehabilitation having attended many specialist courses to develop her knowledge on the most advanced treatment techniques.

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What we offer

Specialist neurological assessment and treatment

Thorough assessment of symptoms and current abilities to then build and implement an individualised programme to assist in your rehabilitation. Including those any stage post Stroke, Traumatic brain injury, Parkinsons, MS, GBS, ME, FND and many more. Get in touch to find out if we can cater for your condition.


Falls prevention

Following a detailed assessment including the use of standardised outcome measures we can determine the severity of the falls risk. Then through expert education and carrying out a personalised programme to increase strength and balance we will work together to reduce this risk.

Tailored exercise programmes


Through listening to your concerns and completing a hands on assessment we can create a targeted exercise programme to allow you to continue your therapy after we leave 


Hands on therapy

Where required we can use a variety of hands on therapy techniques including manual resistance, proprioceptive neuromuscluar facilitation (PNF), massage, mobilisation and key point facilitation. Hands on techniques can assist to improve correct technique and allow for repetitive practice for motor re-learning proven to be important during rehabilitation


From Google reviews
Lorraine - 5 stars
Has a stroke 2 years ago was only entitled to 6 nhs sessions. Contacted EssexHomephysio (Emma). She came twice a week and got me from not being able to feed myself to going back to work as a teacher in 6 months. Couldnt have done it without her. She is reliable, always on time and has great ideas to help you achieve goals. I still have Emma on speed dial if i need some extra support. Money well spent.

Our News

Stroke Association

Look out for Emma's presentation for the Stroke Association on upper limb rehabilitation October 2024

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About us

Providing private and affordable home Physiotherapy.

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Here for you

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About us

Providing private and affordable home Physiotherapy.

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